6 ways to use stock photod

6 Creative Ways to Use Stock Photos

play and edit them to suit your biz-needs.


Once you have explored the Websites to get freestyle stock photos, made an image library of your own, you must be wondering how you can use them in your biz related creations. Recently, I got asked by two of my Access practitioner friends, ” How do I  use these beautiful graphics other than posting them on Facebook or Instagram? ” – So here are eight creative ways to use these stock photos.

I use Canva – a graphic design platform, to create the above tasks. You can give it a try. It has free and paid pro options available!


OK, this one is self-explanatory. If you post on social media, you will love customising these stock photos in any image editor app. For instance, You can use an app like Canva to crop and flip. I suggest you make one post for Pinterest and edit the same post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You know, each element on an image can be customised using the right tool and playful creativity.



The value added by good stock photos in blog posts cannot be underestimated. If you blog, you know that the right and relevant images can enhance the reading experience. As mentioned above in the first point, these same blog graphics can be resized for different social media to invite readers to read your blog post.



Website header and each page/post demand great visuals. Though it’s not an ideal choice to use free images for your website, at the beginning of online biz days, it surely is an affordable and easy way to make a polished online presence. To personalise these stock photos, you must add your brand elements like your fonts and colours. The image then definitely adds up to the looks specific to your brand!


You can use stock photos in your email header or also in between the text content to add visual interest if you send a regular newsletter to your subscribers.  Again, if you use the brand colours and font, it will keep up the consistency in all your online postings.



Using these stock photos for advertising any special event, an online class, a webinar or an Access swap/class is perfect.  It’s easier for you to arrest the reader’s attention if you visually enhance your promotional text or background images.



If you want to make your opt-in PDF, worksheets, workbooks, or e-books visually appealing,  add these stock photos. For instructional videos, It is an excellent practice to let enrolled students download these image-full fillable pdfs before/while they attend your webinar or paid online classes. It helps learners stay on track and pay attention to the video content.


Well, I hope this inspires you to play around with these stock photos and see how you can use them to your advantage!