Hello, I’m Madhu!

…a life long curious learner and a jack-master of just a few things ! 🙂  I’ve always loved seeking and examining the “energetics and pragmatics” of conscious life. This continuous exploration led me in different directions academically, professionally and wholistically. The journey has been so fascinating so far that I still wonder what else is possible that I’ve not considered yet!

As an Access Facilitator, I empower change-seekers with “Access Consciousness®- Tools” for creating changes in their lives.  When I’m not facilitating change, you will find me teaching   “Functional English language” to non-native English speakers.

Rest of the time, I’m probably hanging out with my family, pinning on my Pinterest boards, experimenting self-publishing blank notebooks/journals on Amazon Kindle or nerd-ing over some new gadget or latest tech-trends.

Some random facts about me –

  1. I love chopping onions.


  2. Certificate, diploma and degree junkie?
    Yes, that’s me!


  3. I have a super-sweet son who loves UFC and is a Metallica freak.


  4. I love learning new things.


  5. I’m a dreamer and I have a dream.


  6. I finished a mountaineering course
    with a twisted ankle.


  7. Saree is my favourite attire.


  8. Getting stuck in Masai Mara taught me
    how to SOS!


  9. I’m a gadget-lover, not a freak.


  10. My very humorous husband is a Banker.


  11. I am number-blind.


  12. Three years at the National Institute of Information & Technology made me tech-nerdy.


  13. I love our ordered gipsy living as we move  to different cities/countries every 3-4 years.


  14. My skilled hands were once good at Crochet, Knitting, cross-stitch, and Oil-painting.


  15. Cambridge CELTA & British Council humanised my skill-set as a facilitator.


  16. I have poorly developed taste buds.


  17. Cockroach poison is something I will not drink again.
    It wasn’t good and I almost died! I was three.


  18. I have been doing ‘Energy-work’ for the last 20 years.


  19. Volunteering and teaching in ‘Teach-India’ and
    ‘Access Micro-scholarships program’ gifted me life-enriching experiences.


  20. Yoga is my go-to exercise.

    21. My interrogative brain loves to feed on empowering content of
    Access Consciousness®. #accessnerd


Whether you would like a free session, have any query, thinking of working with me, need more information or getting a little bit of help, I’d be excited to get your email. Drop me a note and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can!


Would love to hear from you!