Consciousness is the antidote to utopian ideals.

Beyond The Utopian Ideal

Gary M Douglas, Access Consciousness®


Few gems from the Book


Mankind has been seeking ideals for thousands of years. We have bought into ideals of economic, political and social perfection, some called freedom, some called equality, some called justice. They’re all utopian ideals. But a utopian ideal has nothing to do with what is. It’s a construct, an idea; it’s a substitute for true awareness and true communion.

You’ve got to be willing to lose all the fronts you’ve created that aren’t you, so you can be everything you can be as you, which is infinitely better than the fronts you’ve created as you. You have to honour who and what you are. You have to commit to you before you can receive you. You also have to commit to you before you can receive what everybody else is willing to gift to you.

To recognize your utopian concepts, you have to look at the areas of your life where you seem to disappear. If you start down a trail and you seem to fade away, you’re on the way to a utopian ideal. You disappear out of the computation of your life as part of the payment for maintaining the illusion of what you’re going to get if you keep going down the path after the utopian concept.

How many illusions of who you are have you created in order to buy the idea that the illusion you created is the real you, so you won’t have to see the real you that wouldn’t match the illusion you’ve created of you—that would be something that you might not be able to control as well as the illusion?

How much more are you than you think you are, that you are refusing to perceive, know, be and receive?

The one thing you can always change is you. You can’t change other people. All you can do is be and do something different to change you. And changing you will change the people around you. You are a major component of the planet. What you do here has an effect over there. What you choose here has an effect on the other side of the world. What you change here changes everything and everyone around you, and different possibilities can show up based on you changing you. You’re the only person you can truly change. You’re the only person that you can truly control. And as you change, you change everybody around you.

This book is about becoming aware of the ideal concepts and constructs that create limitations and barriers to what is possible for you. The constructs have to come off so you can create a world that works for you.

Joyfulness comes in oneness, not in utopian realities. Is your life better when you separate from oneness and consciousness?

~ Extracts from Beyond the Utopian Ideal by Gary M Douglas