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BF, AFF, CFMW, ACYA @Access Consciousness® 

Energetic Facilitation

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How Does This Energetic Modality Work?

This informative science of Access Consciousness brings you to a conscious space of no judgment, awareness, and gratitude in all areas of your life. How does it do it?  Its hands-on bodywork dissipates the energetic solidity of thoughts, feelings, and emotions sitting in our heads and bodies. Additionally, the magic of energetic-blasting Clearings, wonder-filled Questions, and energy-driven choices further empower you to be more of YOU, to become aware and functional as the conscious being you truly are!

Where Do I Begin?

Access Consciousness lacks linearity. Wherever you choose to begin is fine. Exploring the free materials on the internet, receiving a bars sessions, experimenting with the access mantra/questions/clearings, or reading any Access® book on a subject that interests you are all possible starting points.

Or if you haven’t yet, get FREE Access to the library of energetically empowering & self-explorative resources.


1-on-1 Clarity Coaching

This 4-hour class facilitates you to conduct an audit of your life to access clarity in all areas of your life and living. Tools of Access Consciousness® are used and taught to you so that you can become your self-coach.

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Venue: Online ( Zoom or Skype)
Duration: 4 Hours

You will receive a Pdf of Access clearings.

USD $120

4 – hour Access Intro Classes

These are group classes. Topics include – Intro talks and tools on Access Bars®, Practical & Pragmatic Access Tools, Financial awareness, Relationships, Parenting and Business.

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The class covers basic tools, questions & clearings related to the topic of the class. 

USD 70

Distance SOP sessions

The Symphony of Possibility (SOP) session is the energetic empowerment of your body and being.

  • Individual Session (30 min)
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How does it work?

A zoom link will be emailed to you once payment has been received. A verbal facilitation is followed by the SOP session.

SOP Package – 5 Session of 30 min each – 200USD


USD 50

Access Bars® Certificate Training

Become a certified global Access Bars practitioner.

INR 17000

Access Energetic Facelift® Certificate Training

Become a certified global Access Facelift practitioner.

INR 21000

Meeting Madhu is one of the things that I'm grateful for in my life. I LOVE her energy and method of teaching. There is no pressure, fix rules, judgements and restricting expectations.

Her facilitation method is so easy to be received because of its fun.  she gives creative life tools and still allow students to be their own selves.

Life and possibilities became more ease, light, spacious by using tools and live with allowance, and consciousness.

Looking forward to joining her other classes!


Graphic Designer

Not many words to describe, Madhu. Her energy gives warm, loving & contributive vibes to others.😊

She is a fantastic facilitator for personal sessions, Bars, SOP sessions. I like attending her Bars-swap meets and book-club readings.

Her words and questions during the facilitating session raise the consciousness that makes me live my life with total ease, joy, and glory.

Very blessed and grateful to meet her.

Ryan F Tanuprayogi

Insurance Executive

The best thing that happened to me four years ago was, meeting Madhu. I never thought my life would change in such dimensions.

We were taking Teach-India training. I met this amazing young lady with a twinkle in her eyes and a calm, positive and happy personality. As we kept meeting, I wondered, where does she get her peacefulness, her happiness, and joy in everything? I wanted to be in that happy and contented space.

Fast forward, She became my first Access Bars facilitator. That first class changed my life. I became aware of myself, my potentials and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff I had locked in my mind. I didn’t even know that there was so much clutter in my mind. My life changed in unimaginable ways. My teaching took a huge step, my relationships took new meanings. Above all, I started being aware of so many things. Today I’m in a happy and content space. I look forward to more in life – in all spheres.

A thank you isn’t enough for the life-changing event that Madhu introduced me to. I couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator. To me, Access and Madhu will always come together. Pssst.. do find it for yourself. She’s got magic.😍

Sanyukta Chakraborty

ESL Teacher, Access Facilitator