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What is Access Bars®

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Who are we?

All of life comes to us with ease, joy & glory!

We are Indian Access Bars® Certified Practitioners & Facilitators based in Dehradun, Mumbai & Jakarta. We not only share our surname “Kuriyal” (either by birth or by marrying into the family) but also immense interest in the energetic expansion of life and living. For that, what better than using tools of “Access Consciousness®”!

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Our Services

Free Events / Meet Up

Get your bars run for free on Access Bars Clinic & Global Bars day.

Swap/Gifting & Receiving

Attend get-togethers & receive a session or swap with fellow practitioners.

Personal Bars Session

Take a personal session or multiple sessions package for deep energetic healing. 

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Meet Our Team

Usha Kuriyal
Usha Kuriyal

Access Bars® Practitioner


Meet an enthusiastic energy healer who loves gifting change to people!
Contact : 8279459811
(11:30am – 5 pm IST)

Sunita Pandey

Sunita Pandey

Access Bars® Practitioner


Meet a seeker & a change-lover who has always used energy-work to invite greater in life.
Contact :8169853839
(12 noon – 2 pm IST)

Usha Bahukhandi

Usha Bahukhandi

Access Bars® Practitioner

Mumbai | Dehradun

Meet Multi-modality energy healer, who loves helping & healing people!
Contact : 9819883016
(11 am – 1 pm IST)

Kavita Chandola

Kavita Chandola

Access Bars® Practitioner

Mumbai | Dehradun

Meet “What else is possible” believer who loves Access Bars®!

Dr. Pooja Sharma

Dr. Pooja Sharma

Access Bars® Practitioner


A self-reflective energy-healing enthusiast inviting people to explore Access Bars®
Contact :9837474504, 9120091300
(11am – 5pm IST)

Madhu Thapliyal

Madhu Thapliyal

Access Bars® Facilitator


Inviting YOU to learn this magical modality to create ease & joy in your life!

Prema Kuriyal

Prema Kuriyal

Access Bars® Practitioner


A fairly-new energy worker believes there is no age to create change!


What People Are Saying

When I got my bars run for the first time, I sensed a twisted release of something heavy from my stomach. My chronic pain also vanished for good.

Ms Sheela


I never felt anything while I got my bars run regularly but I could always perceive the ease and peace it brought and still bringing in my life. Hdigabtt? weip?


Interior designer

As an energy worker, I always felt exhausted and frustated as I was financially struggling. After a lot of skeptical play with Access Consciousness®, I now know this modality is far more than just an energy-work. This has exponentially changed all areas of my life.

Isabella Edwards Compbell


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