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Do you ever wonder what ‘Energy’ are you Being? Is it an energy of a Creator, a Consumer or a Complainer? Are you seeking to become more aware & energetically present in your life & living? 💫⚡️✨

Conscious living is the ability to be present in your life in every moment and inviting infinite possibilities to fill your life with its exuberant, creative & generative energy.



Access Consciousness™ Mantra

Gary Douglas the Founder Access Consciousness® said he lives his whole life from the point of view that everything is ease, joy and glory. If you’d like your life to be different, start to choose ease. Ease is a sense of space and a refusal to buy everybody else’s problems, pain and suffering. Joy is lively energy; it’s also got a sense of peace to it, and that leads to glory, which is the exuberant expression of abundance.

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