As a newbie, all set to go online, do you find yourself wondering about what’s a blog and what’s a website? And what about pages and posts? What are they? You feel there’s no difference at all. Or is there? As long as you don’t want to own one, you can leave this discussion to the people who love doing microscopic investigations of tech-terms. 

But if you plan to make yourself a virtual home for your content, you would like to educate yourself with what correctly these terms mean, Wouldn’t you?


A blog is like a digital diary /or type of a website / or part of a website.

The content in it is supposed to be updated regularly while a website is a collection of web pages with a static (fixed) content. Both contain wordy pieces of information in them. But the way this information display in the Blog and the website is very different. Moreover, the particular handling of information in the background is different, as well.


The Blog comes from the word weBLOG- which means a log of posts. It contains written articles in the form of POSTSAs I mentioned before, the posts are updated regularly; hence the log is quite dynamic. It also allows readers to comment and interact with the blog post writer.

  Standard features and identification of blogs

  • Blog’s main page displays Posts entries in reverse chronological order.
  • The posts are in different categories, tags, date, and author.
  • Readers can leave comments.
  • Content is generally personal, educative or informative.


A website is a collection of static PAGES. The content of the website is not changed frequently. The information displayed is generally like a Brochure/portfolio. Readers can not comment or interact with the writer on pages.

Standard features and identification of Websites

  • The home page displays content or links to other pages of the website.
  • The Pages in the website display static information like about, services, work with me and contact.
  • Pages do not use tags or categories.
  • The content generally uses a formal/semi-formal tone giving information about products/services.


The right questions to ask would be, which one would be the most fun to play with first? And how do I use both of them to my advantage, no matter what I start first? Each of these two tools has peculiar features. So, beginning with either one of them is okay! 

If you are full of ideas, opinions and shareable knowledge, love connecting and interacting with people all over the globe and also have an excellent flair for writing + discipline to write regularly, then, you are a born-blogger, and you should begin with a blog. These sharings can result in discovering your passion and a future biz idea/ideas.

If you already have a business and you want a professional virtual space to let people know about the product/services you are offering, then you can have a static website first. Once it set up, I suggest giving life to your website by starting a blog to interact, educate and empower to the niche you serve. The Blog acts as an extension of your business on a website.

So what would you like to play?