Tech-Empowering Corner for Access Consciouspreneurs
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Establish an online presence of your Access business with Starters and Movers Packages. Get trained in all the basic tech-tools required by your business as an Access Practitioner/facilitator.

Updated details of Packages Coming Soon.


What specific tool-training, set-up, web copy, tutorial are needed by your business? Contact for personalized 1-on-1 training / services or any tech-assistance you would like to empower yourself with!
List of updated tech-services coming soon!

As a Practitioner/Facilitator, are you “humanoid-heading” your Classes, Creation, and Cash? If it’s NOW the time to play in the virtual world and if tech-help required, I’m just a choice away.

Happy People

I honestly can't thank Madhu enough for the lovely website she has built for me.

I love the simple content she wrote for my website.  My purpose was to have a simple and functional website with an easy to understand content on it.

Madhu did a great job and I am really grateful to her.

I recommend her 100% to all Access Bars Practitioner, facilitators, and solopreneuers for all things techie.

Kavita Chandola

Access Bars Practitioner, Access You

I was extremely lucky to link up with Madhu Thapliyal on an online blogging site, and when I had difficulty with Wordpress, she valiantly offered to help me set up my blog.  She did an awesome job, nothing was too hard, especially when in my technically challenged way I tried to explain what I meant!  It was a joy working with her, and I feel I can go back and ask for help if I need it.  Most of all I loved Madhu’s CAN Do attitude.  It was infectious and encouraging.  I thoroughly recommend her to any bloggers/tech-help seekers  who need a little or a lot of help.

Jane Beckenham

Author | Blogger

I love the graphics and the copy-writing that Madhu did on my webpage as an Access Practitioner newbie.

It's really so convenient for me now to send my friends and relatives to my site instead of explaining what Access actually is, how they can get benefit from it & what sessions and services I offer. Working with her is so much fun. Thank you, Madhu!

Usha Bharwani

Access Bars Practitioner, Jakarta, Calm & Conscious Mind


As a trained tech enthusiast (GNIIT in Web-centric computing), I invite you to tech-empower yourself by learning the functionality of the tools to go and grow online with total ease, joy & glory!


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Website Creation Tools : The Basics

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Difference between a blog and a website?

  As a newbie, all set to go online, do you find yourself wondering about what’s a blog and what’s a website? And what about pages and posts? What are they? You feel there’s no difference at all. Or is there? As long as you don’t want to own one, you can leave...

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