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Energetic Asks are the creative & the generative energies of the things, people, desires and creations you would like to infuse your life & living with!

Accept the 30-Day challenge, use this journal & Ask+Actualise your desires! 

This guided pdf journal is perfect to approach classic “Ask and Receive” concept with an energetic play. Tap into the beautiful energies underneath of whatever you desire in your life and tug them to you with the help of this energetically-playful tools.

70 Pages in pdf format include –

  • 7 pages of generative questions
  • Pages to create your “Energy-board”
  • A 30×30 classic clearing with tracker
  • Blank Pages to jot down your asks
  • ‘Acknowledge your asks’ pages

Buddy up with this journal to go on an energetic exploration with a child-like curiosity. Explore, tap into, play, invite & ask those expansive energies in your life and living.


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